The first step is to prepare yourself for an exciting new experience. Of course, growing a beard isn't a walk in the park — it takes time, dedication, and commitment.

But once you've passed the "honeymoon" phase (the first few weeks of sprouting your beard) and have hit your stride, you'll start enjoying the process. We've got seven steps that can help you grow a better beard for life! Read More.

How to Grow a Beard and Enjoy the Process: 7 Steps to a Better Beard

Step 1: Start with quality products.

You want to use high-quality hair care products when growing out your facial hair. Look for shampoos and conditioners made from natural ingredients like aloe vera or coconut oil. It would help if you also were sure to wash your face thoroughly after every shower so as not to strip away any good oils.

If you're using shaving cream, make sure it's one without alcohol because this ingredient will dry up your skin and cause irritation.

Maintaining cleanliness throughout the growth cycle is essential to keeping your face looking good. Use a mild soap every day to wash off dirt and grime, then apply a moisturizing cream twice daily.

If you notice any redness or irritation around your chin area, stop shaving immediately and consult your doctor about alternative removing unwanted facial hair.

Avoid harsh chemicals

Harsh chemical-based cleansers can irritate sensitive skin and leave it feeling tight and irritated. Instead, opt for gentle cleansing formulas containing soothing botanicals such as chamomile tea extract, which works well against inflammation and itching.

Step 2: Cleanse daily.

Keeping your skin clean is essential to maintaining a beautiful beard. Daily exfoliation helps reduce acne breakouts and prevents clogged pores.

Step 3: Use a moisturizer.

Moisturizing your skin before applying shampoo helps prevent razor bumps and ingrown hairs. It also makes your beard look fuller by keeping the follicles hydrated. Try something light on your skin but rich enough to keep your pores open. 

Step 4: Don't shave too soon

Shaving right off your newly grown beard might feel great, but it could do more harm than good.

If you wait until your beard has reached about three inches, then you should be able to get rid of most of those pesky tiny hairs without causing damage. Shave what needs to go, leaving behind plenty of healthy stubble. And remember, never shave over cuts or nicks in your skin; they invite infection.

Shaving before your beard has grown long enough to cover most of your cheeks is not only uncomfortable, but it can damage your whisker follicles and lead to ingrown hairs. 

We recommend that you wait until your beard reaches its full length before trimming it down, so you don't end up with stubble instead of a lovely thick mane.

Step 5: Keep track of growth

It may seem silly at first, but tracking how much your beard grows each week does work. The more you pay attention to its progress, the easier it becomes to see where you went wrong last time around. This way, you won't end up wasting precious time trying to fix things later down the line. 

Step 6: Wash your hands often

When washing your face, always rinse under running water. That means no hand sanitizer here. Handwashing removes bacteria and germs that are lurking on your fingers.

Plus, rinsing your face under warm water opens up your pores and allows moisture to enter them.

Step 7: Choose an appropriate blade.

A dull blade doesn't cut through your beard quickly, making it harder to remove all the dead cells along the way. A sharp edge will help ensure smooth results while reducing discomfort during the process.

Beard trimmers come in many different shapes and sizes, ranging from handheld models to electric ones that attach to your sink faucet. Choose one based on comfort level and convenience.

You'll want something lightweight and easy to maneuver when using it.

Trim regularly

You shouldn't need to use a new tool every day if you're naturally growing a beard. But if you find yourself getting frustrated because your beard keeps growing back faster than you can manage, consider investing in a quality trimmer.

The best trimmers have adjustable settings that allow you to adjust the angle of the blades depending on whether you'd like to create a clean edge or a softer fade. They also feature replaceable heads that make cleaning between uses quick and simple. 

Be patient

Growing a beard doesn't happen overnight. It usually requires anywhere between six months and two years. That means there are going to be times when you think you're done and then realize you still have another month or so left.

Don't worry, though, and patience pays off big time. Once you reach your desired length, you'll find yourself looking forward to seeing your beard come back year after year.

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